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Until now, it has been virtually impossible to keep your valued coins out of harm's way. Corrosive gases in the environment can be found anywhere, and everywhere. They are produced not only by some of the most natural things on earth: such as vegetation, ocean surfaces and wetlands. Even worse, the most common and most potent of these gases - sulfur and chlorine are two of the major causes of metal corrosion.

Before Intercept technology was developed, the three available methods of corrosion protection were volatile corrosion inhibitors (VCIs), activated charcoal and protective oils. However, they all had inherent flaws that could, under certain conditions, lead to marring or corrosion of the metal surfaces they were meant to protect.

The patented Intercept Shield ™Technology uses a totally unique approach to protecting metals from corrosion. Unlike volatile components or oils, it will not coat the metal's surface. The way Intercept Shield ™ works is by acting as a sacrificial corrosion agent. In other words, when corrosive gases come in contact with the Intercept Shield ™ material, they are instantly neutralized.

The Intercept Shield ™ reacts with the gases in a permanent and irreversible chemical reaction, thus actually cleaning the environment around the coin. So ingenious is the technology, that it is statistically improbable for any corrosive gas, including ammonia and ozone, to migrate all the way through the Intercept Shield ™ material without being neutralized by an active corrosion reaction site.

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