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Intercept Shield ™ Envelopes
Dimensions: 9 x 14 inches

Archival quality protection for comic books, photographs, postcards, currency and documents. MADE IN THE U.S.A.
Retail Price: $ 3.95

Until now, it has been virtually impossible to keep your valued comics and collector cards out of harms way. Corrosive gases in the environment (also reactive gases) can be found anywhere, and everywhere. They are produced from natural things on earth: such as vegetation decaying, ocean surfaces, wetlands and wood fires as well as man-made pollution such as fossil fuel combustion, emissions from factories and other industrial as well as farmland pollutants. Worse yet, when paper begins to age it releases Sulfur and other gases from itself, these gases can then combine with moisture in the air and turn back on the very paper that liberated it, causing it to embrittle, yellow and/or fade.

Before the Intercept Technology ™ was developed, the best we could do was provide a neutral environment for our collectibles, Competitive technologies exist, but do not effectively work in a non-reversible way and/or at the ambient levels of pollution inside average houses, workplaces or storage areas. By neutral we simply mean the best these previous packages could promise was not to damage the products being put inside.

The patented Intercept Shield ™ Technology uses a totally unique approach to protecting paper and cards from corrosive or reactive gases - gases that will discolor, fade and embrittle paper. The Intercept Shield ™ Technology transforms regular plastic into a new material that acts like a preferential corrosion site, a super gas barrier and as a sacrificial corrosion agent. Intercept on the inside of an enclosure will preferentially react and neutralize gases as they are liberated, stopping the dangerous hydrolysis process from occurring. Gases trying to penetrate in from the outside will have an equally difficult time, because it is statistically improbable that any corrosive gas can find a pathway through the Intercept Shield ™ material without hitting an active sacrificial corrosion agent where it will be permanently reacted and neutralized. Intercept Shield cleanses the inside of the package, while keeping outside pollutants away. Only Intercept Shield ™ provides this active protection for your collections

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