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We are no longer accepting orders from our website!

However you can buy Intercept Shield™ products direct from a dealer near you. Click here to view the Intercept Dealers List

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PRESS RELEASE: Intercept Preservation Products, LLC is pleased to announce its recent acquisition of Intercept Shield™ Distribution / TRCS, LLC effective April 1, 2006. We are the licensee of Intercept Technology® consumer products worldwide and have been the manufacturer of the Intercept Shield™ product line since its introduction in January of 2000.
The patented Intercept Shield™ Technology uses a totally unique approach to protecting metals from corrosion by acting as a sacrificial corrosion agent. In other words, when corrosive gases come in contact with the Intercept Shield ™ material, they are instantly neutralized.
Coin Boxes
All boxes are constructed of inert materials and are archival quality. Each box is lined with Corrosion Intercept® .
Deluxe coin Albums
coin albums with slip covers (all coin albums are lined with Intercept Shield, as are the included slipcases. They are constructed of acid and sulfur-free, high-grade materials.)
Archival Quality Protection for Comics, Documents, Photographs, Currency and more ......
2 x 2 Holders
2" x 2" coin holder - for maximum protection, store in the Intercept 2 x 2 box. (Holds approx. thirty-four 2 x 2s.)......
Intercept Shield ®
PCGS NGC Track Box
NEW ! - Archival quality protection for NGC and PCGS slabbed coins. Both top and bottom of box are lined with Corrosion Intercept® and holds 20 slabs.
Retail Price: $ 15.95

Some of the hundreds of companies that are using Intercept Technology ™
British Royal Mint
Collectors Society
Comics Guaranty, LLC
Delco Electronics
Getty Museum
Guggenheim Museum of Art
Home Shopping Network
Independent Coin Grading, Co. (ICG)
Lockheed Martin
Lucent Technologies
Numismatic Conservation Services, LLC
Numismatic Guaranty Corporation
Philadelphia Museum of Art
Texas Instruments
Williamsburg Conservation

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